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'Take It To The Top' Campaign

Online petition against short measures

Pub customers were robbed of £481 million in 2006. Beer drinkers are being mugged of £1.3m a day! How and why are these crimes against beer drinkers happening? The answer - short measures.

Recent CAMRA surveys of local authorities' trading standards departments have revealed that 26.6% of all pints are served over 5% short. The worst example was 13% short! CAMRA is calling on the Government to stop this legalised robbery. 76% of pub goers want the Government to stick to its promise, made in 1997, to ensure that drinkers get a full pint. Since it made that promise beer drinkers have lost an estimated £4.5 billion.

CAMRA is launching a national petition calling on Government to define a pint of beer as a pint of beer and to require licensees to serve a full pint every time. You can sign up by following this link.

The code of practice issued by The British Beer and Pub Association recommends members serve a 95% pint to customers but advise that if they ask for a top up it should be given with good grace.

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