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Pub Quiz

To coincide with the release of each new issue of our Beer On Tap newsletter, there will be a new quiz here with general knowledge and beer related questions. There are no prizes - it's just a bit of fun.* The answers can be found in issue 33 of Beer On Tap, freely available in many north Oxfordshire pubs.

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Question 1

Who was Speaker of the House of Commons from 1992 to 2000?



Question 2

What was the original name of The Falkland Arms at Great Tew?



Question 3

What was the name of the astronaut who remained in the orbiting command module during the first moon landing mission in 1969?



Question 4

A gnu is another name for which animal?



Question 5

Who is Elton Johnís long-time writing partner?



Question 6

What is the name for an auctioneer's hammer?



Question 7

The Campaign for Real Ale previously had a different name. What was it?



Question 8

In relation to question 7, in which year was the name changed to what it is today?



Question 9

How many English League football teams have an 'x' in their name? (Give yourself one point for each)



Question 10

Who was the second actor to play Doctor Who in the original TV series?



Question 11

Which word can preceed Table, Biscuit and Closet?



Question 12

In which English County would you find Leeds Castle?



Question 13

Ken Brooker is the founder brewer of which Scottish brewery?



Question 14

What is the name given to the system for categorizing library books?



Question 15

Oliver Reed died during the making of which film?



Question 16

According to the nursery rhyme, who 'stole the tarts'?



Question 17

The characters Beatrice and Don John appear in which Shakespeare play?



Question 18

What technique revolutionised high jumping following the 1968 Olympics?



Question 19

In Scrabble, how many points is 'W' worth?



Question 20

The following is an anagram of which popular brewery and one of its beers?

A sordid samba den



*The answers that appear in Beer On Tap are final and no discussion will be entered into. You'll only get a 'point' if your answer matches that printed in Beer On Tap. Have fun!

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