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From 1st February 2005 we will have a new beer scoring system to rate pubs 0-5 from the previous 0-6 system,  the following are guidelines for marks;      

4.5 5.0 Absolutely superb pub with a great range of beer all in top notch order. Remember a 5 means it will never be beaten for quality and would probably walk national pub of the year. 

4.0 4.5 Fantastic Pub with a number of great Real Ales in excellent condition. Top end of the GBG range of pubs a good contender for our pub of the year.

3.5 4.0 GBG Pub quality, maybe with not quite the range of beers as the higher marks, but definitely worth including in the guide. You would still recommend this pub to your friends for beer quality.

3.0 3.5 Within the borderline of GBG quality. Consistently good beer but maybe only 1 or 2 beers but easily worth recommending to anyone.

2.5 3.0 Just below the borderline. The type of pub you like to visit, has some interesting guest beers and may be worthwhile in the future. Use this as a marker for the future or an indication if you are unsure. It will trigger other visits.

2.0 2.5 Pubs in this range, the beer quality is unpredictable maybe with a fairly staid range and little imagination. The pub is probably more interested in selling other things. Just out of interest for CAMRA.              

1.5 2.0 Consistently poor quality Real Ale, poured with no imagination or care. Unimaginative range and little effort. Often no beer available.

1.0 1.5 Absolutely awful Real ale, uninviting pub. A place to avoid. Inconsistent supply.

0.5 1.0 No Real Ale available.

 Remember all marks count towards the Pubs for the GBG, we need to know our good and bad pubs. We want to know your opinion of the pub so no need to be swayed by others. Keep entering your marks throughout the year as they help to build a total picture.

Please email your marks to the Pubs Officer


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